Make Your Roads Safer With Parkers WA

Parkers WA are one of the most well known and reputable manufacturers and suppliers of parking, access control and custom solutions in Perth and areas nearby. We prioritize in quality and customer satisfaction, which is why we have a huge customer base with many of the customers coming back to us time to time. We have a highly trained team with the required skill and experience to offer our services for both commercial and industrial companies, Whether it is the local government or big industries we work with the same dedication and provide the finest quality to all of our clients. Parkers WA specialize in a range of different products and services which includes:  
We introduce an extensive variety of different bollards to not only add additional safety to your space but also provide the required security. We provide our clients with the finest quality of bollards which include both permanent to cater carparks, and removable bollards for your convenience to plant them elsewhere. Parkers WA ensure that they provide the products to suit your needs so our bollards come in different sizes to meet your requirements. Our team is highly dedicated and provides their services with full dedication and on time as per your budget if you are looking for installation of bollards in Perth
Rubber speed hump 
Unfortunately with the invention of so many vehicles the number of reckless drivers has also widely increased due to which road accidents have become too common, In the blink of an eye things could go wrong and they could also put someone else’s life in danger, However, There is a convenient way to tackle this problem with the use of fine quality rubber speed humps in Perth Parkets WA provides. From years we have been trying to play our part in reducing accidents by installing rubber speed humps to various different areas. Our team have the knowledge and experience to know where they are needed to be installed along with their proper placement to minimize the number of accidents. We manufacture rubber speed humps of top notch quality and implement ‘cat eyes’ in their design which subjects as a way to communicate with the drivers so they know when to limit their speed. These rubber speed humps are highly efficient in congested places where a passerby is more likely to appear, with the implementation of the speed humps the driver will have to forcefully slow down the speed which will minimize the chances of an accident. With the increasing number of cars every day the number of accidents are also increasing, So Parkers WA focuses on providing the best quality products and limiting the number of accidents in every way they can to make the roads safer. So contact Parkers WA today and implement high quality safety standards on your roads.  bollards-hire

3 Things You Need To Do Before Selling Your Car

Selling a car can be a big deal. The market out there can be rather competitive and people know what they want and they want the best car and the best deal they can get. However, when you are selling a car you need to make sure that you are not at a financial loss so you need to make sure you get a good price. Here are some things you need to do before selling a car.

Make sure the car is in good condition

If your vehicle is in good condition you can easily put a higher price tag on it so make sure you do that. Work with a motor mechanic and run a full checkup of your vehicle and fix everything that needs to be fixed. Since looks can play a big role in what people think work on having the exterior looking good as well. Servicing your vehicle and making sure it looks good can play a big role when it comes to selling a vehicle. This might cost you some money but it will make sure that the vehicle will sell and you can always cover up the expense with the price you charge. Check this link to find out more details.

Have your paperwork in order

A vehicle is an asset and it’s an asset with quite a high value so paperwork can be an important part of the deal. Before you sell your car make sure you have everything in order. Whether it be the title deeds or the roadworthy certificate Gold Coast make sure everything is accurate and relevant. If there are any issues with the documentation make sure you solve those before selling. This ensures that you won’t have any run-ins with the law and that everything will happen smoothly.

Analyse the market

Second-hand vehicles don’t have a fix listed price so it’s something that fluctuates with what the market wants. Because of this, you need to make sure that you analyse the market. You need to know what the price for the vehicle you are planning to sell is because having a higher price might discourage people from buying it and having a price that’s too low will be a loss on your part. On top of that keep an eye out for how the price fluctuates and make sure you put your vehicle into the market at the right time.If you take the time to make sure that everything about your car is in good shape you can sell it at a good price. Do these things before you sell your car and you won’t be disappointed.