Ideas For An Outdoor Dinner Party

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An outdoor dinner party or evening soirée is a wonderful way to welcome the season, as well as to celebrate events such as birthdays, holidays or a get together with friends. Make it as memorable as possible for your guests and provide an array of food, decor and entertainment.

Plan your invite

Send out invitations to your guests. You can decide on a theme, or just go with whatever you feel like. Make the invitations look unique. For example, you could write them on brown paper and add a few decorative touches such as pressed flowers or leaves, keeping with the outdoor theme.

Set the atmosphere

Decorate your garden, backyard or patio where you will entertain your guests. Make it look attractive, yet comfortable, so that your guests will feel at home. Add some fancy touches such as streamers on trees, a chalkboard or poster with a message to welcome your guests and unique outdoor lights such as slide Hong Kong to illuminate your garden and dining area. If you like flowers, you could place flower arrangements. You could even add a canopy for a festive look.


Choose a long table, or two smaller ones set together which can seat around 8-12 guests. If your guest list is much bigger, you could place groups of smaller tables and chairs around your garden. Pick your outdoor furniture here. Comfort is key. You could add cushions as well for a more leisurely look. Add a tablecloth and decorate your tables as you please.

There are a host of different things you could place on your table, from candleholders to vases, flower arrangements, place mats and table runners. Aim for a warm, relaxed atmosphere.

The menu

Do not forget the most important part of the night, which is the food and drink. Create a menu, keeping with the occasion. The menu is completely up to you. A BBQ or a buffet is a great idea. Serve cold drinks such as lemonade. Make your food and drink look creative too, by adding touches like fun straws and serving snacks in flowerpots.


You could end the night with entertainment, if you are celebrating a birthday or a holiday. Play soothing music, or hire a band to provide live music. Create a small space for a dance floor so your guests can enjoy themselves. Get a cake to celebrate the occasion and some sparklers to finish off the night.

An outdoor dinner party is a great way for friends and family to enjoy a festive evening together.

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