Tips On What To Do On “Family Day”

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Family day is a great idea to strengthen family bonds, and help you connect better with your kids. If this is a new idea for your family, then here are a few things to try out next family day…

  • Cook together – cooking is a relaxing and, in our opinion, a very rewarding activity. Food has a way of comforting people, and helping ease the tension off situations. Cooking together as a family is a fun activity; especially if those who regularly don’t cook join in. Be mindful for the inevitable cuts and burns and have your trusty first aid box at hand, and you should be fine. If you want to take this a step further, get fun apron sprinted out for all members of the family. Places that do cheap tshirt printing should be able to help you here…
  • Dress up and take a formal picture – without any doubt, this is indeed the decade for selfies. Even taking a formal family photograph Adelaide is not much of an effort now a-days; not with selfies sticks and tripods so easily and affordably available. If taking a family picture on family day is a must, then make the effort to dress up for it. Get out those suits and ties, and get ready those makeup brushes…!
  • Go on a weekend trip together – family day is essentially a day dedicated for family. Does it matter where the reunion happens? In a way, yes. Especially if you want a break from the ordinary. So organize a trip and take your family for a vacation. Remember that it doesn’t have to be somewhere expensive; just somewhere different from home, and that allows you the time and freedom to spend time together as a family.
  • Create something silly (like a song or a story) together – if family day comes once every week for your family, then taking a weekend trip off is not really practicalnot financially at least. And in the even that you are spending this day at home, it’s important that you do something different and out of the ordinary. But you need to waste too much brain power thinking of what to do. Even something as silly as creating a song or story together can be an activity you can enjoy with your kids.
  • Play board games or cards together – if you have older kids, then your silly song idea might be met with eye rolls. But they might still be open t playing board games and cards; especially if every win gets a special reward. If you don’t really want to bet for money or do any form of gambling with your kids, then make the rewards something like time off from doing chores, or an extra hour past curfew for a week. Trust us; these rewards will be met enthusiastically!

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